Coaching Approach

Ali believes that each of us has all the internal resources we need to answer our most pressing questions and resolve our own issues.  Therefore, her role is one of a guide and coach.  She facilitates meaningful growth with her clients by drawing upon her listening skills, the insights she gained, and the transformation she experienced personally from her soul-centered education and the deep inner work she did around her own life experiences.

The work Ali has done, and continues to do in her daily life, shaped a clear set of beliefs that have become integral to the way she conducts her life on both a personal and professional level.  To better understand the way she approaches the world, here is a list of the main tenets that guide her life and inspire her work as a coach.

  1. Happiness is 100% within our control.
  2. Our thoughts, words, and actions determine our reality.
  3. Emotions are our power source.
  4. Big goals are achieved through clarity, commitment, and lots and lots of teeny, tiny steps.
  5. Sometimes life is just hard.

Coaching Process


STEP 1: Tell it to me straight.
We’ll talk about what’s on your mind and in your heart, and the situations, challenges, and questions you feel are blocking you from getting where you want to go.

STEP 2: Architect your Ideal Life.
We’ll clarify your goals, values, and priorities, and articulate the fine details of your ideal vision for the life you want.

STEP 3: Identify the Roadblocks
This is where you’ll tell me about the obstacles in your way, and we’ll take a deep dive to explore all your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings related to them.

STEP 4: Commit to Actions
We’ll determine what action steps you need to take to remove the obstacles and move toward the life you want, and you’ll make commitments to yourself.

STEP 5: Accountability, Acknowledgement, and Refinement
We’ll review the week, celebrate your wins, discuss newly emerging obstacles, refine the actions that missed the mark, and re-up commitments.